Lessons with Goulds Green Riding School

Lead Rein – This is the first lesson that we offer to children between ages 4 – 8 years. It is a basic lesson that takes place in the school or park in which we ask a parent or a suitable person to lead. This gives the child confidence and a chance to get used to being on the horse and work on their balance and position. You will be in control of the horse for the first few sessions. Once they can rise out of the saddle and balance without hanging on to their reins they can move on to a 1/2 hr private lesson to brush up and really get used to controlling the pony on their own or have a few lunge lessons.

1/2 hr private – This is the lesson most adults will start with but is also suitable for children. For complete beginners it will consist of a lunge lesson (see below). More advanced riders will work on improving their position and the horse they are riding. Although in a short time, you should be able to go for a hack in the park. Once you build up your stamina you have the option of a 1 hr private. For more fun we also have 1 hr group lessons.

Lunge lessons – This is almost like a lead rein lesson but is also suitable for adults. Your instructor will have most of the control allowing you to concentrate on your position. It is not just for beginners, it is useful for all levels of rider. It would be done in a 1/2 hr private or can be done as part of an 1 hr private.

1 hr private – This would not be suitable for the first few lessons but is great once you can ride independently and are ready for more challenges or simply longer to work with. It also allows you to get all the way around Stockley Country Park. Alternatively you can do a bit of both in your hour. Also see 1 hr group lessons.

1 hr group lessons – If there is space available in a suitable group we would encourage you to move to these lessons. They are more fun and give you the valuable experience of riding with others. To be a group there must be 4 or more people in the lesson, if for any reason there are less the lesson will be charged as a semi private or private lesson or the lesson time can be reduced so the amount wont change.

Semi private – If you have someone else at almost the same level, you can have a lesson together. You have the option of 1/2 hr or 1 hr sessions. We do not arrange this but it is an option should you have someone in mind.

Walk in the park – If you’re looking for a more laid back approach to riding, we offer 1/2 hour walks in the park. This can be for any age and ability for anyone over the age of 4 years and also for groups of different abilities. This will give you time to enjoy our scenic bridle paths, to take photos, relax and get comfortable with being on a horse before taking lessons if you wish.

* Before riding independently in the park unless a regular client, an assessment session must take place. It can be a 1/2 hr private or for the first 15 mins of an hour lesson. As long as we are completely confident in your safety you can then ride in the park with one of our escorts.